Saturday, 10 September 2016

G/EU Bearing for E51

Please all...
The short path to E5 from G is the same bearing as VE7(330) rather than ZL(14) or VK(60).

Hopefully some from G might manage a QSO.

The week after BERU I will have a bungalow on the west coast right on the sea so the antennas will be right at the high water mark. I should have clear horizon to the South West right around to almost East. Antenna likely to be GP but might be vertical dipoles/beams.

I will take LF antennas as well as the more usual 20m up so will put something up on 40/80 I expect a GP on 30/17/12 might get used. I don't expect to be on 160m.

If you need the DXCC you could email me (see qrz pages) and see if I can help.

Will take WSPR and QRSS beacon and these should be up and running whilst there.

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