Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Antenna poles for trip

Just grabbing the poles for the trip and will sort out antennas...

The antennas should be....

80m inverted L
40m GP
20m 4 square
15m VDA or GP
10m VDA or GP

I will also have a Wifi 4G hotspot plus 35dbI antenna will probably use the remains of the 10m pole for it.

6m 2el quad (from Gavin MM1BXF) for post contest.
30m GP post contest
17m and 12m GP post contest

Missing from these are:

15m Heavy Duty
12.5 Heavy Duty
10m pole
another 10m pole
2 traveller 10m poles

The poles here are:

2 4m (actually for VDA cross members) the ones still in plastic... the other two not in photo are attached to the centres

2 4m (3.9m)
2 5m (4.9m)
2 x 6m (5.8m)
1 7m (6.8m) there is a second in M1KTA QTH (somewhere)
Remains of 10m pole last of four used as a 4 square for 20m from KH8
DX wire light (very whip) 12.5m pole

Monday, 6 June 2016

No Internet on EU-011

Hopefully this might explain why if asked I will NOT be doing uploads during the contest, and I will not see anything on email, twitter, RBN etc... so don't try and ask me to look for you or beam to heading (no yagi anyway). I expect I will make use of the 4square ability to rotate where I can hear.

There IS NO INTERNET COVERAGE on the island. I have been advised I could TRY and tape a USB dongle on a 10m pole and tie that to a TV pole and hope it is not raining and you 'might' have internet but locals have tried and failed.  The Wifi mast is the wrong side of the fort outside Hugh Town with no direct line of site. I will be about 3.5km from the WiFi mask the different mobile phone companies use.