Saturday, 10 September 2016

G/EU Bearing for E51

Please all...
The short path to E5 from G is the same bearing as VE7(330) rather than ZL(14) or VK(60).

Hopefully some from G might manage a QSO.

The week after BERU I will have a bungalow on the west coast right on the sea so the antennas will be right at the high water mark. I should have clear horizon to the South West right around to almost East. Antenna likely to be GP but might be vertical dipoles/beams.

I will take LF antennas as well as the more usual 20m up so will put something up on 40/80 I expect a GP on 30/17/12 might get used. I don't expect to be on 160m.

If you need the DXCC you could email me (see qrz pages) and see if I can help.

Will take WSPR and QRSS beacon and these should be up and running whilst there.

Monday, 15 August 2016

E51KTA update

I can confirm dates...

E51KTA should be QRV 10th March to 19th March.

Can only promise BERU w/e on S Cook dunno exactly where I will be after
that maybe N Cook maybe not... best listen on air.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

20m 40m and 80m during IOTA contest

At one point I connected up SDR-RX (SDRPlay) to an antenna and grabbed these...

The regular lines were my adding QRM :-)

Monday, 8 August 2016

Use a hex beam vertically by the sea

I have use a 20m vertical moxon before to good effect. So was interested in one option with an antenna I have..... take the Hex-beam and turn it through 90 degrees and stick it on a pole next to the sea....

Well modelling says it will work.... thanks to F5VHN
vertical Hexbeam over sea water on a pole of 4m ,  ie 4m to the boom . Higher is NOT better as it creates high lobes .  see 10m

Now to try it out.

EU-011 Site Photos

These were taken by one of the staff at the farm/campsite who had a drone were taken before everything was up... whilst the weather was nice.

The small wooden shed in middle left by itself surrounded by hedges was the 'shack'. Was bumped out of the milking parlor/ shed and field as they needed those and the shed was piled high with fodder they had just collected before wet weather came in. The 10m, 15m and 20m VDA are up in the scruffy looking patch nearer the bottom. To the right you can see the 80m vertical. After this was taken I put up a 2el 40m in the field next to it. The whole area was covered with radials and I had to add extra guys to most things. You are looking almost due west.

Sadly the empty field nearest the sea had some calves in it with very protective mum's so was off limits.

I'll put up some more photos of the setup later...

Saturday, 30 July 2016

40m 4 SQ now 40m 2 el....

I went old school.... had some spare 50ohm line. Once got one 40m GP up added a second and the phased one (added length to feeder) and fed both at same time so sort of directional. I can remove the 'reflector', undo a bit of coax. Far from ideal but it is for contest, on an island with nothing but what I brought so no time now... Works was qrp with 35dB SNR into EU last night which is good enough.
The CAT5... yukk was some copper coated steel rubbish... the 60m voltage drop was so bad I junked it.
Internet as jumped on the garbage boat at 5am.... but returning now...

Friday, 29 July 2016