Friday, 27 May 2016

ATNi and QRP

Before RSGB IOTA contest I will be looking to see if ATNi helps on that first day and always looking for QRP callers. I can usually tell the weak signals from the strong ones and upside down logic but I tend to work them first.

For those not in the know about ATNi, this similar to ATNO for DXCC but apply to IOTA...  and you do it as soon as QRV not on the last day. There are about 1500 IOTA and about 1400 IOTA chasers, there are about 35,000 DXCC chasers for 336 DXCC. Most IOTA island activators get many more non-IOTA chasers in the log irrespective of new DXCC or not especially if it is a needed DXCC.

For me ATNi is a concept and it means I will qso with IOTA chasers first if there are a few of you calling, the logging software should advise me (I hope) if a caller is an IOTA chaser or not. I will not have a note of which IOTA they may or may not have so I cannot stop them calling if they have the reference already but I will know if they are an IOTA HR member with over 100 confirmed IOTA. (I see there are c1400 of you out there and I can get that list of callsigns see the links here)

Please listen for "HRAL ATNi KN". If you get HRAL as a return it was not a mistake and I didn't send 5NN it means I KNOW you may be chasing the IOTA.

Now EU-011 isn't rare, neither is the DXCC UK so I'll be testing this out to see if it works.

May sound dumb but if outside the contest if you already HAVE EU-011 please do NOT call and give others that need the IOTA reference a chance.

Please if spotted note <IOTA ref> HRAL ATNi so that others might notice it.

I've checked my AF-060 and AF-045 logs against IOTA Honor Roll and less than 20% were serious IOTA chasers.

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